PORTES BISBAL, S.L. via its webpage www.angelmir.com requires certain personal data from the User.  The data provided by the User remains recorded in an automated file for data protection, of which PORTES BISBAL, S.L. is the titleholder and this will be processed with the objective of providing the services required by the User.  The User authorises the automated treatment of personal data provided, necessary for the provision of the agreed services. 

The personal data requested from clients who are registered is saved in a database belonging to PORTES BISBAL, S.L. who takes responsibility for technical, organisational and security measures, which guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information in accordance with what is established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, for Personal Data Protection and other applicable legislations.

  • Type of data required

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. brings to attention its policy regarding treatment and personal data protection of its Users and clients which can be gathered by the request for information (via the contact form and other methods on the webpage and the registration system for Users of the webpage) for contracting our services or for the receipt of e-mails requesting information or other details.

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. gather a series of personal data in order to be able to deal with and develop the organisation of services with regards to fabrication and assembly of industrial and residential doors, logistical equipment as well as maintenance, repairs and after sales services, and they are also used in order to inform the client of the services and products for which they have requested information and the purchase of our products online via our webpage. Listed below, are the categories of personal data which we gather in the different contact forms, as those gathered if the services are finally contracted with the aforementioned purpose and how these are used. 

Contact details: we require the contact details, such as name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address in order to contact the client and give them the requested information related to our fabrication services and assembly of industrial and residential doors, logistical equipment as well as maintenance and after sales service, as well as dealing with any problems or arising questions in order to carry out communication between both parties in relation to the state or development of the services which have been contracted.  We also request the home address in the case of the client making a purchase of our products or services in order to be able to deliver these goods to the User’s home address provided in the registration form or the purchase.

Data and economic information: the payment or card details are used for the payment of products and services provided to the User/client.

Therefore, the intended purpose of the gathered data, is to facilitate the management of the commercial relationship set up in each case and to send future commercial offers, in the case that these have been accepted by the User, for services and products which may be of interest to our clients. PORTES BISBAL, S.L. guarantees the confidentiality of given data. In this way, it commits to compliance of its obligation to secrecy of personal data and its duty to save it and adopt all necessary measures to avoid its alteration, treatment or non-authorised usage.

All the information provided is necessary for processing purchase orders, to facilitate use of the webpage and purchase of products from PORTES BISBAL, S.L. and also in order to offer commercial and promotional information and publicity.

The legitimacy held for the treatment of personal data is based upon managing the use and delivery of requests for information via the contact form which can be found on our webpage, management of identification of Users on our registration platform, also for the management of replies to your requests for information, quotes and prices of our services and products which we receive via e-mail or in other forms, which will be replied to via the same method, as well as managing the development and fulfilment of our services in relation to fabrication and assembly of industrial and residential doors, logistical equipment and maintenance and after sales service.

In accordance with the LOPD and the European Regulation 2016/679, the User is informed that by accepting that they understand and accept this Legal warning when they send a contact form requesting any type of information or upon receipt of e-mails received by the User, they expressly authorise PORTES BISBAL, S.L. to use personal data and to use as a forms of communication with the User, in order to reply to any request or doubt, the e-mail or telephone number requested to be able to address the request and provide a service as this will permit us to attend to the client and provide the information relating to PORTES BISBAL, S.L. and the services provided which the client has requested, therefore, they will only be used with a means to attending to clients’ needs and providing a service with regards to industrial and residential doors, logistical equipment and maintenance and after sales service as well as delivery and assembly of the above mentioned products.

In addition, we are also permitted to send commercial information about our activity, new products and services provided by PORTES BISBAL, S.L., but in this case, only if the User has accepted, at the time of sending contact forms, that they wish to receive commercial e-mails from PORTES BISBAL, S.L. and therefore, give their express agreement to this. This personal data given by the User via the contact forms or receipt of e-mails sent by them, will be subject to automated processing and incorporated in a file under the sole responsibility and destination of PORTES BISBAL, S.L.

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. informs that they have implemented all technical and organisational security measures in order to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment and non-authorised access according to the LOPD and European Regulation 2016/679.

  • Personal data transfer policy

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. informs that all the personal data facilitated by the User and client via the different contact forms contained in the webpage or by the receipt of e-mails sent by the client, with registration as a User on the webpage for online purchases of our products or those given for services requested, shall not be given to third parties unless this is a legal obligation or when the service requested implies the necessary participation of another company in order to carry out given services, as support for carrying out and completing the work, in which case there would be a transfer of personal data with the sole purpose of support from the third party in order to complete the work that the client has requested.

As a consequence, in order to better carry out its duties, PORTES BISBAL, S.L. is obliged to provide certain data regarding clients (name, DNI, address, telephone number, bank details with regards to online payment, financial entities etc.)  In all of these cases, the data provided is strictly necessary for the particular activity which is to be carried out. The client expressly authorises the transfer of personal data with a means to carrying out this activity if it should be necessary for the correct management of the work, accepting that they have read, understood and agreed to the content and information of this Legal Warning.

Therefore, personal data will be passed on to other companies to which PORTES BISBAL, S.L. belongs, as well as those collaborating with a means to providing a better service, respecting in all cases, the Spanish legislation regarding personal data protection. These companies can be:

                -  Companies dedicated to technological and computer services

                -  Financial entities

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. commits itself to using the personal data provided on the forms and that given subsequently in relation to providing the requested service, solely as mentioned above and to treat it with the necessary secrecy and confidentiality, as well as complying with the necessary security measures that the current regulations require in order to guarantee the security of the above mentioned data.

The User will be required to give his consent so that PORTES BISBAL, S.L. can use their personal data in accordance with the above mentioned conditions when they ‘click’ on the link at the bottom of the contact form, accepting the conditions of use and privacy policy (Legal Warning) and only in this way will they be able to send the forms or register as a User.

  • Period of time during which the data will be stored

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. will treat and save the personal data during the necessary amount of time required for completion of the services provided which concerns both parties, that is to say, during the time that they are a client or User, therefore, the data will only be stored during the time and until the end of the period for which it has been requested, or until the client has executed their right to rectification, cancellation or opposition.

Despite this, personal data will be conserved and stored securely during an amount of time in case of complaints or responsibilities caused by management of the services provided and treatment of data. Once this period has passed, the data will be eliminated.

  • Your rights and how to exercise them

PORTES BISBAL, S.L. would also like to inform its webpage Users that they can exercise the following rights with regards to personal data which they have provided:

a.  Rights to access: this allows them to request and obtain free of charge, information about the given personal data, the origin of this data and usage of the data which has been carried out or they foresee as carrying out in the future.

b. Rights to rectification, cancellation or opposition: allows them to rectify or cancel the personal data if this is incorrect, inexact, inadequate or excessive.

c. Rights to limitation: they are permitted to restrict usage of a part of personal data, when this is inexact, when the treatment is not legal, when the responsible party no longer needs the data for any particular treatment or when there is a legitimate interest.

d. Rights to portability: the right to receive the personal data which they have provided and to request its transfer in a structured format, of common use and mechanical reading, in order for it to be transmitted to another responsible party without the impediment of the party to whom the request has been granted.

e. Right to opposition: suppression of personal data of the interested party without any delay, as and when the personal data referred to is no longer necessary, the consent of the interested party will be withdrawn, when they exercise their right to opposition against these or if they are treated illicitly and also in the case of this data not being needed for the reason it was collected and when it has to be deleted in order to comply with legal obligations.

These rights are established in parts 15 to 23 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and they may be exercised by means of writing, in person or by post to PORTES BISBAL, S.L.’s registered office, VAT number B-55.123.806, which is situated in Barri Bordeta, s/n, in Cruilles (17116 – Girona) providing DNI, or otherwise by e-mail at the address info@angelmir.com. We would also like to inform of the possibility of presenting complaints to the competent authority of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

  • Communication and commercial correspondence

For any communication with PORTES BISBAL, S.L. the User should make contact via post or e-mail at the above-mentioned address.  In all cases, communication from PORTES BISBAL, S.L. with the User will be carried out according to the contact details provided or facilitated by the User on the contact forms and/or on the registration form for Users of the web page.  The User expressly gives consent, as previously mentioned in this Legal Warning, to the use of their e-mail address as a valid means of exchanging information and as a reference for communication with PORTES BISBAL, S.L. if they have accepted, understood and agreed with this Legal Warning before having sent the contact or registration form as a User with their personal details (this is different in the case of accepting or not the commercial correspondence, as previously explained in this Legal Warning.)

In accordance with the LSSICE, PORTES BISBAL, S.L. does not send commercial correspondence via e-mail if this option has not been previously accepted by Users of the web page who have sent the contact or registration forms as Users of the web page. That is to say, without the express consent of the User where they accept the receipt of commercial correspondence, this correspondence shall not be carried out.  Therefore, on the form which is on the web page, the User has the possibility of giving their consent so that their details may be used in order to send commercial information regarding PORTES BISBAL, S.L.’s services and developments, limiting itself to the commercial information requested.

Although this express consent can be, at any time, withdrawn by the User, in writing to the above-mentioned registered address of PORTES BISBAL, S.L. or to the company e-mail address: info@angelmir.com

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