High-speed doors

The high speed doors from Angel Mir – Puertas Bisbal, S.L. are flexible and light doors for intensive industrial use that, thanks to its operational speed, they reduce to the maximum losses of ambient temperatures and air currents, and they make the intense flow of people and vehicles easier.

The fast action doors can be placed both outside and inside, and they are made up of a base frame and a flexible canvas.  As they are not rigid doors, they stand out for their speed opening and closing, resulting in an increase of daily energy economy and a substantial improvement of the productivity.

Industrial high-speed doors models:

They can be classified into two big groups: doors with fold up canvas system and doors with rolling canvas system. To choose one or the other will depend on the conditions of the place where the door will be installed. 

For over 30 years, Angel Mir – Portes Bisbal SL has been manufacturing high speed doors, which are internationally recognized nowadays. During these three decades and according with the Enterprise policy, the fast action door range has been increased in order to supply all markets, including chemistry industry and food industry (see International Certifications), and also developing custom doors for special applications.

Discover the NEW MIRWAVE CONTACTLESS SWITCH to open high-speed doors ensuring the hygiene your company needs.


Instant Pass

Fold up high speed door for large accesses facing outwardly and inwardly where there are high wind loads.

Instant Pass Premium

Fold up high-speed door for midsize accesses, facing outwardly and inwardly where there are high wind loads.

Instant Pass ISO

Fold up speed door for interior accesses to cold stores with negative temperature.

Instant Pass XXL

Fold up high speed door for large accesses facing inwards where there is no wind pressure.

Grand Pass

Fold up high-speed door for big accesses faced outwardly and inwardly where there are major wind loads.

Instant Roll

High-speed opening and rolling door for indoor areas where the air pressures are moderate or low.

Instant Roll Basic

Fast action roll up door for midsize accesses facing inside and where there are light wind loads.

Instant Protect

High-speed rolling door aimed to separate and/or protect fragile accesses facing inwards where there are moderate air pressures.

Mirflex auto-tracking door

High-speed rolling door with auto-tracking system appropriate for interior spaces.

MirZip auto-tracking

High-speed rolling door for outdoor spaces with wind pressure, with a continuous auto-tracking system lacking rigid elements.

Hermetic Roll

High-speed rolling door for interior accesses in clean rooms having positive or negative pressure.

Easy Roll

Rolling high-speed door perfect to divide different indoor ambiences where the air current is low and the passage lights reduced.
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